Self learning, especially at emerging and ever evolving subjects like UX, product design and tech is one of the ways to make sure your skillset remains relevant. As an avid reader I find myself recommending books on design way too often. Below you’ll find my two basic reading lists (self updating based on my Goodreads) that I use to share with my peers and trainees.

Design books

I rarely pick up a book that would related to my craft. It’s maybe that every 4th or 5th book ends up being design or UX related, if that.

Yet looking back, over the years I’ve gone and read a handful of them. Most of these are great (if you’re looking for recommendations), others not so much…

All other books

Trying to keep my mind eclectic I tend to dive into variety of subjects. Some are there to inform my professional and entrepreneurial ventures, others to enhance my mental and physical wellbeing.

In the list below you’ll find a selection of recent titles in: business, health and fitness, data and AI, stoicism and other topics…