• Lottery customer hub digital transformation

    Georgia State Lottery needed a long-awaited responsive redesign. Based on the analytical data and quantitative research, we found out that the majority of customers were accessing the outdated and unresponsive portal from their mobile devices (approx. 60% of all traffic). This presented an opportunity to explore and deliver most value to both the business and the customer.

  • GA demo of outcomes
  • Case summary

  • Business problem

    Transforming outdated customer hub to increase engagement and online wager sales.

  • Discovered user problem

    Customers want to be able to access their results and offers, as well as purchase wagers from their handheld device.

  • Outcomes

    Responsive solution with improved e-commerce capabilities. Results include:

    1. Engagement increased by 12% pages per visit, 10% more time spent per visit.

    2. Online wager sales showed increase of 125% for overall visits, 34% increase on overall page views, 15% reduction of bounce rate.

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Process highlights

Project plan and responsibilities overview

  • group

    Product team

    Consisted of: Two product/UX designers, remote development team, product manager, business analysts, data analysts and many more.

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    My responsibilities

    UX management and hands-on UX design.

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    LEAN UX/Agile product development. Back-to-back design-development sprints.

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    Project plan

    Initial discovery and ideation, followed by on-going with bi-weekly design deliverables based on Agile development sprints.


  • Project team based the discovery and initial hypotheses on existing e-commerce and marketing site data analytics. We mapped out customer behaviour patterns and produced basic use cases. These helped us validate initial assumptions and ideate further.

    Validation sessions with stakeholders, SMEs and then lottery customers were performed both: in person and remotely. The business had clear expectations and goals that had to be reflected within few months of redesign.

  • Meanwhile, customers of which more than 60% were mobile users simply wanted to access their favourite games, ticketing and results on their handheld devices. The challenge got narrowed down to responsive and improved e-commerce-like solution.

    After use cases got validated and sign off, initial design ideas were presented in low to high fidelity wireframes, covering initial responsive redesign concept. After signing these feature sets off were split into BTC which would allow us to explore and produce new designs in a more agile way.

  • Ways of working

    Based on the findings and agile development cycles, design team had to figure out the way to work in a streamlined production. With a caveat that final solution would achieve the success criteria set by both: the business and the customer.

    I planned UX work to be split into two week sprints consisting of LEAN UX based discovery (with a remotely held SME, stakeholder and product team forum), ideation and production days, followed by validation and front-end implementation efforts to follow. For example, after UX team was done with a design sprint, development team would pick up the deliverables and start their development sprint.

  • UX process overview


After we reached agreed MVP fidelity to roll changes out to general public the prototype was released to capture user feedback and tangible outcomes using data analytics.

Having performed focus groups across the business and involving the users we captured feedback that had only a few shortcomings.

With positive initial customer reception we knew that analytics are going to show even greater engagement improvements.

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  • Outcomes

    Georgia lottery customer hub digital transformation proved to be successful. Having listened to the end users and simply giving them what they truly needed we managed to not only satisfy their wants, but also deliver enough value to the business. From the UX standpoint this was also a learning opportunity to deliver great solution within limiting constrains.

    Analytics based results captured 2 months after the go-live date reflected that:

    • trending_up


      increased by 12% pages per visit, 10% time spent per visit.

    • loyalty

      Online wager sales

      showed an increase of 125% for overall visits, 34% increase on overall page views, 15% reduction of bounce rate.

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