You’ve asked for it, so here it is – the first UX Prototyping with Axure Challenge instalment (depending on the interest and feedback might not be the last either!).

The rules are simple – you get a high-level product design brief and simple scenario. The rest is up to you: UX and UI fidelity, visual expressions, interaction design methods and prototype depth… It all depends on how you want to make this. The best part about this UX design challenge is the social aspect seeing how other different seniority and background designers solve the same issues. Expect a big range of solutions. While you’ll do your take on this challenge I’ll film a tutorial video of how I’d approach it as well.

So here it goes…

Scenario: product assembler/maker, e.g. burger maker for an average consumer Timeframe: 1 week (it’s up to you how much time you can dedicate to this)

Submit your prototypes (link and/or source file): here, or leave a comment below.

Let the challenge begin!