Experience design is not just another design newsletter…

It’s monthly writeup diving into a specific human-centred design and UX related issue or topic. To help you grow as a designer and get inspired each publication will deconstruct a concept or an idea by looking at it through a variety of lenses.

Simply brilliant.
I like the format – always has me reading start to finish and finding something new.

JD, Lead UX designer working at tech startup
humane design

Inside every issue, you’ll find…

Current issues at a global level
Humane next steps
Future thinking
Emerging and disruptive tech
Customer and user experience improvements
Human factors and interesting psychology studies

+ A few concise thoughts on all the above

design wave

Some of the previous issues

I like how Vy builds the story through different snippets, links, videos and research studies. The newsletter covers all angles…

LM, Product strategy consultant

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