A collection of technical, progressive and tangible results focused product and experience design courses. If you’re looking to up-skill yourself or your team member pick on of the series below.

Axure RP noob to master tutorials

Axure Rapid Prototyping: Noob to Master Series

Get to know Axure rapid prototyping suite – the UX prototyping power tool. I’ll teach you how to utilise this tool to it’s full extent: from design and interaction fundamentals to crafting the real-product like product prototypes.

Learn Sketch Product Design (UX/UI) Noob to Master Series

Sketch Product Design (UX/UI): Noob to Master Series

Sketch is a go-to app for UI, Product(UX/UI) and any other graphical vector-based editing to shape the user experience. Join me for a zero to hero masterclass and learn how to design mobile and desktop apps, product UIs and design systems. I’ll show you how by using this tool you can craft amazing digital user experiences and more.

Design systems with Sketch

Create and Maintain an Atomic Design System in Sketch

Learn the ins and outs of Atomic Design Systems. In this mini-series, I’ll show how you can take the existing UI patterns, populate a system in Atomic design structure and maintain going forward. No fluff, only practical how-tos.