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‘Get Into UX’ Book

The foolproof guide to help junior researchers and designers land the job they want. Featuring proven advice that’s beneficial for any career level.


Tutorials I’ve created to help upskill yourself (or your team) in common design tools like Axure, and design systems.



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Design Tools

Purpose-built plugins, design thinking & UX workshop templates, and other tools to make your life easier.

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Reading List

Books to help you become a better researcher, designer or team leader. From human psychology to practical books to improve your design process.


Connect with thousands of growing and established UX designers, researchers, and strategists on our Design Squad Discord channel.

Experience Designed Podcast

Unpacking user experience in tech through conversations about design, research, strategy, emerging tech, psychology, and more.


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Twice a month I send out 5 new things you should know about: strategy, design and tech innovation, and always at least one out of the box thing. Additionally, a roundup of featured vaexperience content you might have missed.

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