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The age of painters and hackers is coming to an end.

On this podcast, we explore what’s next and what you need to know to succeed in the new age of holistic experience design.

For the last couple of decades, we lived through an era of fast-moving startups that leveraged cool technology and lean methods to build new products and experiences. People with technical know-how had an advantage. They claimed small slices of a bigger picture in order to become the next Uber for XYZ. We now know that many just created waste: by solving small problems they created isolated experiences lacking a holistic view or understanding of the humans that use them.

However, they also created massive improvements in technology and automation, allowing us to enter a new age. Technical know-how is no longer a barrier and cool tech is no longer the focus. Instead, successful experiences (digital or otherwise) will need to be human-centric and holistic. 

What does this mean for those of us working in the field? Let’s explore together.

Expect a mix of perspectives and challenging ideas explored in thought-provoking conversations. No matter who you are—a career changer just coming into the design, an established designer, technologist, or product person—this podcast will provide you with the insights and the toolkit you need to succeed in this new era of experience design. 

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