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Vy Alechnavicius, /’V-ee/, is a seasoned, award-winning design leader and manager, passionate about developing highly effective multidisciplinary design orgs. He is also a product and service design strategist, design and futures thinker, startup advisor, author, and UX educator.

vaexperience is the catch-all label for online spaces (created by Vy) which are dedicated to sharing work at the crossroads of emerging technologies, human-centered design, research, and strategy.

All content is produced with the intent to help budding designers and design leaders, product folk, as well as businesses and startup founders improve how they make, launch, and iterate on their products and services.



Design Leadership

Startups & advisory

  • Early-stage startups
  • Scaleups (2x acquisitions)
  • Mid-large enterprise consulting

Areas of expertise & services

  • B2B, B2C, SaaS, etc.
  • Human-centred (HCD) & customer-focused (CX) solutions
  • Product design
  • Design team management, design leadership, design ops, and evangelism
  • User-centred organisational change and design maturity
  • Strategy
  • Outcomes-based Agile, Lean UX, and design thinking methodologies
  • Holistic end-to-end service design
  • Effective internal/external stakeholder management
  • Qualitative and quantitative user research
  • Problem framing, opportunity identification and prioritisation
  • Design sprints and design thinking facilitation
  • Design systems
  • Information architecture and interaction design
  • UX prototyping, validation, and user testing
  • Usability, accessibility standards, and assisted digital strategy
  • Motivational and behaviour change design
  • UX ROI, budgeting, engagement management
  • Meaningful innovation methods
  • Futures thinking


  • Big data
  • Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and tokenized economy
  • Education
  • Employee benefits
  • Finance
  • Gaming and entertainment
  • Government and public services
  • Healthcare
  • HR
  • Insurance
  • Oil and gas
  • Recruitment
  • Retail and commerce
  • Transport
  • etc.

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