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1 Million Views Special: Q&A on Product Design vs UX, Death of Creative UI, Getting Started in UX

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This past year has been a challenging and turbulent year for everyone; One positive outcome of so many people facing the lockdowns and isolation is the drive to get into UX design and UX research. The reach for the experience design content has grown exponentially resulting in over 1million combined views as well as 10k+ channel subscribers. Better yet, the reach is global, which makes all of it worth it.

In this video, I’ll share my gratitude as well as try to answer a few recent questions on:

  1. 2:13 Difference between product designer, UX and interaction designers
  2. 3:31 Getting into UX
  3. 4:36 UI handovers
  4. 5:34 Office setup for remote UX design and research work
  5. 7:36 Is UX responsible for the death of creative UI design?

As mentioned in the video, some of the office setup items I use for the remote work can be referred to here: https://amzn.to/37I7bam


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