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100k Views Later: Most Interesting Questions on Design, Tech and Business

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Writing is one of those skills that is extremely hard to master. I’ve been doing quite a few courses over the years on business writing, effective copy in digital landscape, persuasive copy etc. all of which contributed in skill development immensely. Yet, one thing that made it even more effective was regular typing efforts.

And so last year I chose to consistently write on Q&A site Quora reaching two major milestones in writing:

  1. 100k combined views on the answers
  2. A top 2018 writer title (on UX and design, coding, business etc.)

Both milestones came without much effort, as I saw answering questions as one form to give back to great community and the next generation of tech talent.

I thought it would also be beneficial to pull out the most interesting answers and put them together into a list.

If you find any questions intriguing feel free to click through to see my thoughts behind it:

UX and Design

How can I learn to become an expert UI/UX designer?
Super short answer: Take these 3 steps. 1) Find a mentor, 2) Read. A lot, 3) Apply what you learn immediately.
Longer answer: here.

What UX design tools should you use for each design step?
Super short answer: Discovery – Realtimeboard, ideation – simple or digital whiteboard (e.g. Microsoft Surface Board), design – Sketch/Figma.
Longer answer: here.

What’s the best way to troll a user experience designer?
Super short answer: Too many to shorten, but here’s a few — talk extensively what makes an experience good… use ‘user experience’ keyword in every sentence… add ‘as a user I would like to’ everywhere and without any research backing…
Longer answer: here.

Coding and Tech

Is coding really boring and hard?
Super short answer: It’s like CRACK for those who enjoy solving problems and want to make things up from scratch!
Longer answer: here.

What are some things that UI and UX designers do that annoy developers?
Super short answer: Too many to make it short, but here’s one — Assuming that developers have no clue what’s good for the user.
Longer answer: here.

What is the best way to make a portfolio for a junior front-end developer and a UI designer?
Super short answer: Again, hard to crunch it. But one thing what you shouldn’t be doing is reciting your resume.
Longer answer: here.


How can I think of a cool name for a start-up?
Super short answer: Don’t think too much, don’t make it fancy. Make it obvious.
Longer answer: here.

How do you find your client as a UI/UX design agency?
Super short answer: Ideally you should have clients before starting an agency.
Longer answer: here.

Why are most of tech startups taking UX lightly?
Super short answer: It’s expensive. Also, it’s extremely hard to measure ROI for things that don’t exist yet.
Longer answer: here.

If you have any questions of your own feel free to request in on Quora or email me here. I try to respond to all emails.


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