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20 Awesome Free Icon Resources for Product and UX Designers – Design Tool Tuesday,

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This week for the Design Tool Tuesday we have not one or two tools but a whole lot of free icon resources for product and UX designers. I’ll quickly explain the key features and why these are the icon sets and resources that every designer should bookmark.

In no particular order:

Google material design icon set: https://material.io/resources/icons The noun project icons: https://thenounproject.com/
Iconmonstr icons: https://iconmonstr.com/
Feather icon set: https://feathericons.com/
Visual farm: https://visualpharm.com/
Digital nomad icon pack: https://digitalnomadicons.com/
Core UI icon set: https://coreui.io/icons/free/
Icon store: https://iconstore.co/
Zwicon icon set: https://www.zwicon.com/
Iconssvg icon set: https://iconsvg.xyz/
Icons8: https://icons8.com/icons
Ikonate icon set: https://ikonate.com/
Illustrious icon set: https://illustrio.com/
Tilda icon sets: https://tilda.cc/free-icons/
Ionicons icon set: https://ionicons.com/
Simple brand logo icons: https://simpleicons.org/
Streamline icons: https://streamlineicons.com/
Unicons icons: https://iconscout.com/unicons/
Flaticon icons: https://www.flaticon.com/
Twemoji emoji icons: https://twemoji.twitter.com/

Note: we’re not affiliated with the tool makers. It’s just a great UX tool you should know about. In this new weekly UX design, user research and product design tools series I’ll share some of the best picks I’ve encountered to date. You’ll find out about the best apps, extensions, websites and other helpful tools.


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