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50k Subs Special Livestream: AMA on Design, UX, Strategy, Leadership… Anything Else

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Based on recent UX community suggestions we will mark the small BIG milestone of 50k subs with a live AMA. Any topic or offtopic goes.

1:29 50k subs special intro and gratitude
4:22 Career transition to UX starting point
5:22 Finding time to make UX content
7:30 The worst UX project experience to date?
9:10 What do juniors designers need to get into UX?
11:15 The problem with UX influencers
16:11 How to join Design Squad UX Community on Discord
16:25 Go-to Design Podcasts
16:50 Becoming good UXer requires more than just UX learning
18:10 Guest calling in and question on breaking into UX in Dubai
22:55 How to master UI skills for UX designers: steal like an artist
24:09 Is packaging and graphic design part of UX?
26:30 Key disciplines to focus on for growing UX designers?
27:01 Is Masters degree in UX/Human-computer interaction design worth it?
28:30 Dealing with job application rejections
30:00 Success case of designer getting a job after 6 months
30:10 Should you negotiate your salary in the UX job interviews
33:00 2 Newsletters every UXers needs to subscribe to
33:57 Preparing for constant rejections in UX interviews and why people get rejected
35:32 VAEXPERIENCE Portfolio
37:07 Why PDF is the way to go when making UX portfolios
38:51 UX team of one and challenges single designers face
40:35 On PDF portfolio: what if job application needs a portfolio link?
41:24 How to prepare for the future of UX as a discpline and design automation
44:00 Gratitude break and reflection on the VAEXPERIENCE channel growth
44:57 The best OKR tool or platform?
46:05 Looking into new products
46:53 Live Design Sprint videos and secret VAEXPERIENCE project ideas
48:02 On future on UX and design automation p2
48:40 The problem with UX internships
50:03 The biggest Microsoft Teams UX pain point: taxonomy and information architecture
51:50 Why networking is important for UX designers and user researchers
54:17 On UX internships part 2: The big mistake of starting UX portfolio too late
56:15 On the importance of networking for UX researchers and designers part 2
58:00 How to do secondary research right?
59:45 Are freelance UX portfolios good?
1:01:00 Why you shouldn’t try to sell yourself in UX
1:01:44 What UX internships are like?
1:03:14 What UX industry in Japan is like?
1:04:30 UX vs Product design
1:05:50 When do you know if your UX portfolio is good enough to apply for jobs?
1:07:10 What deliverables should you include in UX case studies
1:08:50 Small vs large companies and design maturity
1:09:45 Interaction design foundation courses – are they any good for learning UX?
1:11:30 The problem with UX bootcamps and e2e UX courses
1:12:30 Gratitude break and thank yous
1:14:40 UX in Africa and low design maturity as a challenge for future design leaders
1:14:50 Calling for the future design leaders
1:16:05 UX research book recommendations
1:17:45 The most important user research deliverable is not a deliverable
1:19:15 The biggest UX research mistake – not setting the project up for success
1:20:15 What is the best way growing designers can contribute to UX design community?
1:22:05 How important is social media presence and personal brand for UX designers? (the problem with UX influencers part 2)
1:23:27 Unsolicitated financial advice
1:23:47 On the importance of networking for UX researchers and designers part 3
1:25:46 User first vs business first with examples
1:28:22 Understanding that business goals are driving UX focus, not the other way around
1:29:35 VAEXPERIENCE studio office space
1:30:30 On Interaction design foundation courses part 2
1:31:55 How to do ethnographic research in UX?
1:33:31 The most important things to look for in your first UX job?
1:34:20 How to stay up to date with product design and emerging tech?
1:35:20 what do level 1, level 2 and senior designer titles mean?
1:37:00 VAEXPERIENCE content: why the junior focus?
1:38:34 How much does Youtube pay? and thanks to all channel supporters and members for a coffee
1:41:00 UX project kickoff template for user researchers and designers
1:42:40 UX ob interviews and whiteboarding exercises and the issue with current hiring management processes
1:44:10 Final thank yous and request for feedback


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