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5k Subscriber Special: QA on UX, 10 Stupid Designs, UX Portfolio and Design Goals

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5k subscriber special? It has been just over the year since I started publishing some of the material I initially made to upskill my design team. I’m super grateful to all the viewers out there who have opted in for the UX tools, such as Axure and Sketch tutorials, UX portfolio and career advice, design systems and more. And trust me: there are many more videos on the same and other topics to come.

In this video, I’ll walk through some of the channel stats as well as answer a handful of questions raised recently – some easy others very hard to answer (and probably deserve a video of their own):

  • 02:05 – UX portfolio issues and not getting any interviews
  • 04:28 – Approach to mobile app design for iOS and Android ecosystems
  • 05:33 – Setting performance goals for the appraisee designers
  • 07:10 – How to take an app idea into development
  • 08:42 – 10 stupid designs we are putting up with

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