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App to Digitise Your UX Workshop Sticky Notes

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This week’s pick: Brill.app – an app made for a UX designer, UX researcher, design thinkers, design sprint teams, product managers and anyone else who do tons of workshop facilitation and post-it/sticky note use. This free app allows to quickly capture the notes, translate voice-to-type input into new notes and syncs with a handful of services (Trello, Jira, exports in CSV sheet etc.). Best bit? It’s super simple and is very accurate (as long as you prepare to write in recognisable handwriting).

Give it a go: here

Note: we’re not affiliated with the tool makers. It’s just a great tool you should know about.

In this new weekly UX design, user research and product design tools series I’ll share some of the best picks I’ve encountered to date. You’ll find out about the best apps, extensions, websites and other helpful tools.

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