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Axure RP: Noob to Master Tutorial Series

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As someone who went from nothing (noob) to a seasoned designer (master), I’ve been learning by trial and error. I also looked for tutorial series that would not only show me the basics, but also show how to prototype and build in depth deliverables.

Enter the Axure RP: Noob to Master Tutorial series.

After more than half a decade of experience fiddling around I finally started giving back and making these tutorial videos. In the following totally free series I’ll introduce and teach you what I know about using Axure suite. From the fundamental understanding of this power prototyping tool to advanced logic, variables and lifelike prototypes.

If you think this is useful or need any help – feel free to leave a note with your feedback. For now, here’s a few videos that should make you prototyping with Axure RP master:

Note: In these videos I’m using Axure 9 Beta. Other versions might slightly vary in feature placement. If you have any questions – holler.


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