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Books on Product, Design, Creativity and UX I’ve Read to Date

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I rarely pick up a book that would related to my craft. It’s maybe that every 4th or 5th book ends up being design or UX related, if that.

Yet looking back, over the years I’ve gone and read a handful of them. Most of these are great (if you’re looking for recommendations), others not so much. However I do believe that in a different setting or when faced with a different set of challenges any book can be a 5/5 read. I’ll leave that up to you.

Please note that the list is also a live embed off my Goodreads page and so it’s a living record of the books I read daily. Expect more books as time goes by.

Vytautas’s bookshelf: design

liked it
tagged: 2018 and design
Atomic Design
liked it
Good framework, but way too much repetition.
tagged: 2018 and design
The Cartoon Guide to Statistics
tagged: 2019, design, and currently-reading
The 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing
it was amazing
by Al Ries
tagged: 2019 and design



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