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Business vs UX: What Should Come First – Get More Done in UX

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In this short video highlight from the Get More Done as a UX designer Lives stream, I’ll cover the Business – Users – Team – Self framework (B.U.T.S. in short). This is a simple sequence that should inform any UX designer’s or researcher’s decision-making process, focus areas, and generally ground the approach to solving problems. Just like other tools shared, this can be adopted by absolutely anyone – UX, product, engineers, tech, and non-tech folk alike. It’s a must-know and keeps in your arsenal to get more done in UX.

As pointed out by a viewer, the origin of the (different version) of this framework is by Kate Aronowitz – Who sets your priorities: https://medium.com/@katearonowitz/who-sets-your-priorities-6283910549c0 – Because of the reasons explained in the video I’ve flipped the first two parts around. Read the article and see if the truth is on either side, most likely in the middle.

This principle highlight is taken from the recent UX live stream: https://youtu.be/-LhlmxEsRBE


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