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Designing with AI: DALLE2 Text-to-Image AI by OpenAI – Let’s Test it Live

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Time for another Livestream, but this time it’s going to be a slightly different session: we will test the brand new and truly stunning OpenAI DALLE2 text-to-image art generation capabilities. It’s clear that this development alone will transform and make UX and content design fully inclusive, generative, and mind-blowingly human.

Some of the topics covered in this stream:

02:44 Future of UX: automation of UX and UI tasks
03:15 Intro do DALLE-2 beta
06:00 DALLE-2 restrictions for recognisable faces, IPs, etc.
07:10 Drawing: Fish flying with a green pig over an ocean
08:00 AI sentiment capture and context detection
08:20 Drawing: Fish flying with a green pig over an ocean as 3D render in synthwave colors
08:40 Speed of generating images with AI
09:35 DALLE-2 variants
10:45 Drawing: WALL-E holding the earth globe rain, unreal engine, octane render
12:00 Editing AI-generated image parts out
13:30 Drawing: Classical art character with modern tech
14:28 AI-generated faces, uncanny valley and other biases
16:20 Drawing: Cat smoking a cigar in pixel art
17:10 Automation in UX
19:09 Generating real people and celebrity images with AI
19:55 Drawing: Doremon playing valorant
21:40 Range of styles of the images generated by DALLE2
23:00 Uploading own images to DALLE2
24:25 Drawing: Sketch of a human body anatomy
24:44 Future use case: living website content design
25:55 Text generated in the images
26:40 Drawing: Cubic art of five women standing under a tree
27:00 How do copyrights apply to images generated by AI?
31:47 UX of OpenAI and DALLE2
32:53 Asking AI which UI is better?
33:15 Midjourney vs DALLE2
34:21 Drawing: Steve Jobs fighting Don Norman on UX in black and white
36:05 Drawing: Synthwave dystopia in a portal
36:35 Does AI have a bias to design awesome synthwave designs?
37:30 Drawing: Mutant ninja turtle smiling at a mirror
38:20 How Does AI interpret natural language in text and its structure?
39:40 AI as a way to make the design fully inclusive and accessible
41:10 UI design first to be automated in UX
41:40 Drawing: Futuristic city floating in a ball of water in space 3D render
43:40 Drawing: Heels made of Italian pasta
45:10 Drawing: Cyberpunk city
46:18 Graphic design job will be first to be replaced by AI and how
48:40 Can AI only automate best practices?
49:50 Drawing: Darth Vader drinking a coffee in a 50s dinner
51:20 Design systems immune to AI automation?
55:55 How can you automate the UX with AI?
57:00 Drawing: Panda scientist digital art
57:20 Can DALLE2 generate an image of itself?
58:30 Drawing: Post-apocalyptic America
1:02:00 Real-world use cases for DALLE2 generated content?
1:03:00 AI impact on UX – design for all
1:06:58 Ending thoughts


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