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Getting Started with Human-Centered Design: IDEO HCD Kit – Design Tool Tuesday

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This week’s pick: An Human-Centered Design kit from Ideo. This is a set of methods, thinking principles and case studies that been transformative in my own experience design and UX development. It’s also a set of tools I recommend every designer to refer to regularly, especially when it comes to what makes an innovative and meaningful design process: divergent and convergent steps. Needless to say, this kit provides a deeply rooted humane set of actions and ideas any designer can take in order to enhance and empower human beings worldwide.

Find more at https://www.designkit.org

Note: we’re not affiliated with the tool makers. It’s just a great UX tool you should know about.

In this new weekly UX design, user research, and product design tools series I’ll share some of the best picks I’ve encountered to date. You’ll find out about the best apps, extensions, websites, and other helpful tools.


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