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How to Get More Done for UX Designers (and Everyone Else): UX Livestream

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Time for another UX Livestream – this time I decided to cover a few related request at once. I’ll try to summarise over two decades of chasing the right methods to boost creative productivity, prioritisation, mindset, cognitive and physical energy, and many other factors that contribute to higher performance. Not just for UX designers.


3:07 – UX project challenge – Service cancellation CX

5:30 – The challenges UX designers face in terms of productivity, motivation and getting things done

8:45 – Who are these productivity tools for?

11:57 – Task Prioritisation and goal setting with The One Thing (Jay Papasan, Gary Keller Book)

17:15 – Tim Ferriss DiSSS Method for learning and prioritisation

22:12 – Getting things done (GTD) less than 2min method by David Allen

27:26 – Burn the ships approach to setting yourself up for success

32:35 – B.U.T.S. method: Business – User – Teams – Self for focus and UX decision support

36:46 – The score takes care of itself (Ego is the enemy book by Ryan Holiday, The score takes care of itself book by Bill Walsh)

45:45 – Start early, start earlier – on agency, urgency and action bias in UX

52:22 – Small steps to BIG changes – behavioural design applied to self, building habits with small baby steps (Don’t shoot the dog book by Karen Pryor, Tiny Habits book by BJ Fogg, B. Skinner’s mammal operant conditioning methods)

58:46 – Clean your room before trying to change the world. Why starting small and with self is the only way to make any change

1:04:38 – Work harder and smarter

1:12:24 – Facing the resistance (The War of Art book by Steven Pressfield, Obstacle is the way book by Ryan Holiday)

1:18:00 – “If you want to start flossing your teeth…” How to approach habit building


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