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Junior UX Portfolio: Top 3 Things You Must Get Right

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I don’t need you to tell how hard it really is to come up with a strong junior UX portfolio, especially if you only got a UX Bootcamp or a few months (even years, really!) of commercial experience under your belt.

Recently one of the viewers reached out asking about the top 3 things hiring managers typically look for in the portfolios. I decided to reframe this a bit to instead cover the three things that you must get right. These are fundamental and so are super relevant for all seniority levels.

Be sure to check out this video to better understand how hiring and design managers assess your UX portfolio here: https://youtu.be/AdWDjj01PlA

I recently also created a playlist that contains all my videos on UX portfolios here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLM2Dd2NIn2Co0dXW7ySkIQEl-8zMcrQiP


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