It’s time for another project challenge. This time we will research, strategise and redesign the Tesla touchscreen and any other user interactions touchpoints. Whilst the problem with the ‘tablet on wheels’ approach to in-vehicle technology, is they are undebatably less efficient and dangerous. We will do better. To help you start we pulled up several UX ethnography videos (see below links). These remote videos are produced to support the UX project challenge for user researchers and designers who seek to solve real problems and improve user experiences. Make sure to fully immerse yourself in them before starting your project.

UX background material shared in the video: TBC
Ethnographic observation videos and UI review:
Part 1 (Driver experience): TBC – video will go live 5 mins after the brief is out.
Part 2 (User shadowing): TBC – video will go live 5 mins after the brief is out.
Part 3 (Tesla UI review): TBC – video will go live 5 mins after the brief is out.

Scope: You decide, but focus on the UX case study as the final outcome though; you can do end-to-end UX, discovery, design thinking, futures thinking, service design and/or user research only, prototyping, or just the UI design… Consider what you can achieve within a month; perhaps it’s going to be just a start of a much bigger effort or project.

Deadline: Mon 20th Oct 2022 – if you see this challenge later make sure to still commit and do it on your own terms regardless.
Submit your entries:

Experiences recorded and reviewed by design strategist Kevin Richard, connect with him here: |

Seek help, team up in our UX community on Discord:

Let the challenge begin!

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