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If you’ve been following the UX review series, you probably already noted down several fundamental go-to’s that I tend to highlight in each video. These are based on the underlying principles that I as a hiring manager look out for in my UX job openings and the applicant UX design portfolios.

Sometime back I came across this handy UX portfolio design checklist from a fellow UX designer Ian Fenn. The best bit is that he succinctly outlined all the critical items every designer should ensure covering. In this video, I’ll walk through his points and link them with my previously shared advice.

Designing a UX Portfolio book from Ian Fenn: https://uxportfolio.design/lobster-book/

More from Ian Fenn: https://uxportfolio.design/

A Single Biggest UX Portfolio Mistake to Avoid: https://youtu.be/II5ZkR8BOCc


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