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UX Project Challenge 12: Accessibility, QR Codes and Retail CX

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It’s time for another UX project challenge. This time we will research, strategise and redesign one of the horrible in-store CX examples – forcing customers to scan QR codes to access vital to their journey information. Whilst this is an extreme case, it highlights fundamental issues to crafting service-first experiences. Furthermore, this is a perfect exploration ground where UX can add a tonne of value to the customer and user experiences and the bottom line for the retail business.

UX background material shared in the video: https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVMDI3TvM=/

Scope: You decide, but focus on the UX case study as the final outcome though; you can do end-to-end UX, discovery, design thinking, future thinking, service design and/or user research only, prototyping, or just the UI design… Consider what you can achieve within a month; perhaps it will be just a start of a much bigger effort or project.

Deadline: Sun 9th Jul 2023 – if you see this challenge later, make sure to commit and do it on your own terms.

Submit your entries: hello@vaexperience.com

Seek help, team up in our UX community on Discord: https://discord.gg/CXAKW7PGwt

Let the challenge begin!


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