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UX Project Challenge: Places to Live Finder Product Redesign

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It’s time for another UX design, user research, UI, and prototyping challenge. The key aim in this challenge is for every designer who is currently struggling to come up with a good UX project challenge and produce a case study for their portfolios.

This brief should spark some great ideas to explore, discover, ideate, and define a better home-finding experience for people who need to commute to bigger cities. Because of the recent pandemic, widespread working from home, and detachment from the central office locations a vast amount of people decided to move outside the cities.

Can you help this old product business research and redesign their offering to attract these people? UX background material shared in the video: https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_lzl7_pQ=/

Scope: entirely your decision, but focus on UX case study as the final outcome though; you can do end-to-end UX, discovery or user research only, prototyping or just UI design… Consider what you can achieve within a month; perhaps it’s going to be just a start of a much bigger effort or project.

Timeframe: Submit your takes by 4th Oct 2021 – hello@vaexperience.com or leave a comment below. Be sure to add some rationale;


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