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UX Tools for Each Design Process Step

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One of the most common questions I get is what UX tools I use for each specific design step. I usually shrug off with tool X, Y, Z… {some popular app}.

After thinking longer I realized that I used tens of tools interchangeably. Every pick is made during a specific process step and situation. For example, picking the right wireframing or visual design tool is less critical than picking the right ideation tool. As the latter is more bound to collaboration efforts, and so it has to work for more than a single designer.

I decided to put a quick video giving you a glimpse and explaining why I choose these tools over the others.

Note: In reality, it doesn’t matter what tools you apply, it’s how you use them! Fact is, a skilled designer could craft a low to medium fidelity prototype in Keyonote. So what truly matters is mastering one tool, and perhaps when getting to know others.


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