In this short video highlight from the Get More Done as a UX designer Live stream, I’ll cover some of the key leadership principles for the current and future design leaders.

While this advice is timeless, too many juniors and more experienced designers tend to overtly focus on their personal skills development ignoring much bigger limiting factors.

One of those factors is the team they are in. No one is going to grow or get promoted in UX in isolation. It doesn’t matter if you want to enter the UX leadership or simply get to the senior UX level – the same key principles apply.

Books mentioned in this video (if you purchase books via these links I might get a cent or two):

The Score Takes Care of Itself by Bill Walsh –

Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday –

Just like other tools shared, this can be adopted by absolutely anyone – UX, product, engineers, tech, and non-tech folk alike. It’s a must-know, and worth keeping in your arsenal to get more done in UX.

This principle highlight is taken from the recent UX live stream: