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Why People Struggle to Get Into UX Design – Get More Done in UX Stream

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In this short video highlight from the Get More Done as a UX designer Live stream, I’ll cover why UX is one of the hardest fields to break into, but also the field that will require you to work smart, but more importantly hard. And very consistently at that too. It’s one thing that every UX designer or user researcher must consider before even opting to get into UX – while it’s a very rewarding career path, it also requires a lot of time investment, dealing with uncertainty, stakeholder management, and many other factors, that ultimately will make you work very hard in order to be successful.

Just like other tools shared, this can be adopted by absolutely anyone – UX, product, engineers, tech, and non-tech folk alike. It’s a must-know and keep in your arsenal to get more done in UX.

This principle highlight is taken from the recent UX live stream: https://youtu.be/-LhlmxEsRBE


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