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10 New Year Challenges for UX/Product Designers

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In this video, I’ll share 10 challenges for UX/product designers with basic and advanced difficulty levels.

Why challenges?

It’s a new year and a new block of time full of opportunities. I’d go as far as labelling it full 365 days of opportunities. Because typical new year resolutions tend to fail, and the goals we naturally set tend to be either too vague or just too small. It almost doesn’t matter what your goals are as a UX specialist – all of them always going to tie in being a better designer.

This is why I decided to share a few tangible challenges that would help any UX, product designer or user researcher take their game to the next level. If taken seriously, the challenges will help you improve technical and soft skills, evangelise and market the craft, share the work and give back to the design community. These are just a few flavours of things you could be doing.

Other bits mentioned in the video:

UX book reading list

UX ideations and coming up with innovative ideas


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