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Creating a Second Brain for Researchers and UX Designers

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It’s time to cover this topic that has been requested several times on YT and Discord UX community comments – why and how to start using second brain and PARA principles in order to extend one’s actionable knowledge capacity. In this video, I’ll break down the fundamentals and show some of the examples when it comes to setting your first second brain note-taking framework.

00:20 Why Second Brain is a Must for UX researchers and designers
01:08 Key issues with using the human brain alone and bookmarking things
02:04 Second brain in a nutshell
02:23 PARA framework
02:54 Projects
03:18 Areas
04:22 Resources
05:16 Important links between projects areas and resources
06:03 How to use the second brain to recall saved information
06:26 Archives
07:01 Tools for the second brain: Evernote vs Notion vs Obsidian vs…
08:35 The most important things to consider when picking an app
09:18 Personal learnings and optimisations
10:35 Reviewing and maintaining your second brain – the process
11:02 Descriptive note for future self
11:40 Recall, principles and what type of info you should add to your second brain


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