In this third video to experience and UX journey mapping for product, UX designers, and user researchers, I’ll walk you through 3 key principles that can make or break any workshop facilitation effort. I’ll quickly distill the lessons learned from running hundreds of UX mapping workshops over the years.

This mini-series of videos on experience and UX journey mapping has been in the books for over the year! it’s time to bring it to live and quickly introduce and upskill those who have not to approach UX design with a discovery mindset (and methods). Journey mapping with adequate insights capture is paramount to deeply understanding, empathizing, and eventually improving real-life user and customer journeys.

If you’ve missed previous parts on getting started, check it here first:

P1 (getting started with experience and journey mapping):

P2 (preparing for UX & experience mapping workshops):

Experience mapping templates mentioned in the video:

How to use them: