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First Look at the Invision Studio

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I’ve been waiting for this moment for months now. Finally, got my hands on the Invision Studio screen, product design and low-to-high fidelity prototyping tool.

Most designers have been thrilled, as it promised to deliver one app to match them all. It was supposed to pack a lot of muscle under the hood: Sketch, Principle app, Invision low fidelity prototyping integration etc. delivering an all rounded toolkit.

You see, back in the day I’d need Axure to make prototypes decent (high fidelity), sketch to wireframes and make visual mocks, principle for micro interactions, Invision for low fidelity prototypes and so on… Just like any other designer I needed a tool that would top all that and make a single/effective workflow.

I think we’ve finally got what we asked for.

As it’s the early access (beta) version I didn’t expect much, however even with out-of-the-box vanilla toolkit it ticked most of what I expected:

What do you think about it?


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