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Running UX Workshops with Billboard Design Thinking – UX Chat

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An insightful evening UX chat with a fellow design thinker, Microsoft UX architect Sean McGuire.

We cover his unique approach to design thinking with Billboard Design Thinking method, best practices, his top tips to handle difficult stakeholders and answer some of your questions. This is a must-watch for new and the experienced UX design and design thinking workshop facilitators.

Some of the topics we covered:

02:48 – What makes Billboard Design Thinking method so effective? 05:05 – How to make sure that running a UX workshop results in the right findings?
08:40 – Design thinking and agile
12:44 – How to convince business to run design thinking workshops 14:05 – Cultural differences in design thinking across the globe
16:04 – Driving the room
18:03 – How to make a billboard for Billboard Design Thinking workshop
20:44 – How to deal with difficult stakeholders during workshops
24:50 – Giving design workshop participants homework
26:28 – What to do after the workshop is done?
29:04 – When you design think ideas that are doomed to fail
33:34 – Desing Thinking for startups
36:34 – Design Thinking moderator should be the dumbest person in the room
41:10 – How to convince stakeholders to include users in UX workshops?
44:10 – Advice for new UX and Design Thinking workshop facilitators 48:56 – The future of Design Thinking

You can find out more about Sean McGuire and his billboard design thinking method by joining Sean’s Linkedin group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8780360/

UX Chat is a videocast series with inspirational design leaders, where I try to dig what makes experience design practitioners effective. We will cover design thinking, new methods, design ops, UX, CX and many other topics.

Find out more videos and highlights in this playlist.


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