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Training the Idea Muscle for Product and UX Designers

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This week’s design tool pick is not really a product and UX design tool, but a method. I’ll showcase a powerful daily practice that will train your proverbial idea muscle. Like with any other skill ideation and coming up with the best new thing can be enhanced by repetition. This is where James Altutcher’s 10 ideas a day method comes in. By practicing it daily you can get into a habit of producing multiple well thought out and meaningful innovation ideas. I’ve been using it myself for years and I can attribute almost all decision making, meaningful insights capture, UX plans of action, and much more to this method.

Note: we’re not affiliated with the tool makers. It’s just a great UX tool you should know about. In this new weekly UX design, user research, and product design tools series I’ll share some of the best picks I’ve encountered to date. You’ll find out about the best apps, extensions, websites, and other helpful tools.


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