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UX Challenge: Tesla UX Redesign – Viewer Projects Review Livestream

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This time we will research, strategise and redesign the Tesla UX touchscreen and any other user interactions touchpoints. Whilst the problem with the ‘tablet on wheels’ approach to in-vehicle technology, is they are undebatably less efficient and dangerous.

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Ethnographic observation videos and Tesla UI review

To help you start we pulled up several UX ethnography videos (see the below links). These remote videos are produced to support the UX project challenge for user researchers and designers who seek to solve real problems and improve user experiences. Make sure to fully immerse yourself in them before starting your project.

Part 1 (Driver experience): https://youtu.be/J_iz-YMPa3Q
Part 2 (User shadowing): https://youtu.be/41Gg13UhRQc
Part 3 (Tesla UI review): https://youtu.be/2buqg76wagc


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