Time for another Livestream – In this tenth UX project challenge instalment, I’ll review several strong case study submissions from the viewers. This is part 2 in 2 part series.

Part 1 stream: https://youtu.be/mXXyr8f419s

This time I’ve asked you to research and design a better way for customers and potential users to get the electric vehicles (EV). Because of the upcoming 2030 act banning any new petrol and diesel vehicles in the UK, the next decade will be an opportunity ridden for organizations and entrepreneurs to offer customers better ways to onboard in sustainable energy-powered automotive tech. This is also a perfect opportunity for strategists, UX researchers and product designers who want to produce a case study for future job opportunities.

UX background material shared in the video: https://ift.tt/R8in9Gs

Come, hang out and see all the awesome design takes on this UX project challenge.

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