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UX Project Challenge: Service Cancellation CX – Submissions Review Live UX Stream

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Time for another Livestream – In this seventh challenge video, I’ll review 7 strong UX project case study submissions from the viewers. It’s time for another UX design, user research, UI and prototyping challenge. The key aim in this challenge for every designer who is currently struggling to come up with a good challenge and produce a case study for their portfolios.

This brief has sparked some great ideas to explore, discover, ideate, and define a better experience for cancelling a simple service. In this particular brief, I shared the starter journey I took to cancel my Vodafone mobile broadband subscription. And boy was it difficult. I had to go through multiple chatbots and support colleague conversations, and no simple way to cancel it with a click of a button. One thing worth mentioning is that this challenge will push you to overcome so-called “dark patterns” or as I like to label them as manipulative, exploitative, and outright criminal UX patterns.

Livestream playback:

For those who have missed this event, the UX Challenge brief #7 can be found on Youtube. As mentioned during the live stream I highly recommend still going ahead and commit to it, especially if you lack ideas for real-life side-projects that your UX portfolio might be lacking:


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